The real Swaipa Points


This is my Rotflmao moment of the day. The following is an excerpt from a Kenyan diaspora blogger and its content may be unsuitable for persons under the age of 8 (thats the new eighteen nowadays) or like minded adults (a.k.a virgin brains)

‘There is a job hundreds if not thousands of Kenyans fall into when they come to the States. It is a job that you will rarely find Americans themselves doing. It is physical, tedious, back-breaking, and has long hours. And thats just for starters. Its called home health aide or CNA. Basically it consists of taking care of the elderly, sick, or mentally challenged. You feed them, make their beds, take them shopping, and even clean them up. For this reason some call it International Swiping. The ‘International’ comes from the fact that only foreigners do it and the ‘Swiping’ comes from the act of cleaning their rear ends; it is similar to the motion made when swiping a credit card.”

Interestingly enough I happen to have a sister who used to do this kind of work in the States. Still funny! lol!


The WordPress crossover


I am Sam. I am a bloggerling that just landed in WordPress. That is what I want you to believe because I cannot reveal to you my second WordPress identity hence jeopardizing the independence of my operations; my operations that are meant to take over the internet as a whole and gain complete power over the human race by infiltrating it’s communication highways and altering each and every message going back and forth and back and…

Anyways, yea I used to blog on then I realized everyone had left the site like one of those pre-explosion scenes in an action movie.

I really did not have much to say on my very first post in this blog because I really dont intend to be thinking much about anything I write here and I ……..

&**”@@!!! ..just accidentally erased half of what this post was originally meant to read and I am too fed up (literally yani nimeshiba) to rewrite the entire block of ┬árandomness with uttermost accuracy. Bear with my laziness at least it is not half as disappointing as writer’s block. So Ill sign off and let you know that there are relevant points coming up ahead in posts not so far from my sheer genius and mind bloggling (all pun intended)…. PERSPECTIVES! (sigh! the last word is always the hardest to think up)

Adios amigos ….