The Wanderer


The time is 1256hrs and I am starving. I am supposed to be reading for Wednesday’s exam on Financial Accounting but the blasphemy of the boredom that it smites me with quickly repels me to more interesting notions… notions I can share with my circle of blogging comrades. And so I begin to wander. aimlessly at first and still aimlessly at second. The hunger pangs urge me against this self inflicted torture but my mind feeds on – the rays of expressionism that lurk beyond the doors of the B.A.K.E (Blogging Association of Kenya) corridors.  I try, my mental tongue on this and that blog post while applauding the chefs and where it deems necessary, critiquing their chosen ingredients.

My stomach continues to wail in despair as I ignore the physiological to unravel the psychological. A poet at last, one of my kind but more so in a past life. I dig into his thesis with open eyes looking for sparks of wit and deviance. For certain, the deviance is sprawled over his art piece but the wit is wanting, with all due respect. Nevertheless, I take what is offered and give in to my mortal demands. Slowly, I lift myself from the comfortable wooden fixture that has been caressing my rear ends and head on to the kitchen wherein lies the microwave, a device I have come to highly revere in my cause for natural survival. .. le finn


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