This is a poem …


This is a poem by one Langston Hughes, a famous African american poet from the early 20th Century.


Very thought provoking..


What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?


The Journey Towards a Goal


Scott Berkun once said, ‘Everything is like a project’ That’s the action taker’s attitude. It’s the attitude everyone needs to embrace. A random glance at the blogosphere will tell you that we don’t have many of those people around us anymore. Ideas keep floating around without any actual practical value. They die in the psyche.

A project is any set of activities that is so laid out to achieve a certain goal. The project comprises of time schedules, goal marks, people to do the work and tasks to be accomplished.Very simple to think through in such a format. But in actual sense a lot of unknowns are left out in the practical work. So when you’re planning to pass that exam, what you have there is a project. When you want to go party and have an awesome night, its still a project. It may be a casual project without much thought and consideration but it a project nonetheless.

Theory first

The real problem in staying on course comes when we subconsciously create and pursue our daily projects is that the project goal is never defined completely. First of all, we might not even be sure whether or not we want to achieve the goal. Which becomes a unknown variable in the equation. Just like any algebra sum, we all know that an unknown variable is a part of the problem. If it is an unknown variable then it has a value and so our need is to find out whether or not we want to achieve the goal. There are two ways of doing this.There is the theoretical method and the practical method. In the theoretical method, if we assess our attitudes towards the goal critically, two questions come to mind. Would I feel ok giving up on this goal because I’m not really interested in it? and Do I feel that it’s imperative to focus solely on this goal in the period that I set out to achieve it? The first will immediately bringing up the values for which you seek to achieve the goal. And it will definitely be answer for those moments when you ask yourself how to stay focused.

Amplifying these values will create more significance to the goal. This means zeroing in on the reasons you chose to consider such a goal in the first place. If you can achieve the goal alongside others, the better for you. If you can’t then you have to compare the values of different goals and decide which will come first.

Going in head first

The practical method is more fun. In the practical method, one simply immerses themselves headfirst into the journey of finding out whether they want to achieve the goal. In the course of this journey certain experiences may appeal to you and expose values you are actually looking to satisfy by pursuing that goal. A good example is taking a job you little about. Your goal is simply to have a good job but you’re not sure you picked the right one. This sort of describes our education system. Unfortunately, you might end up at loss if nothing in particular attracts you toward completing the journey of your chosen career. The chances of this? Highly improbable. The practical method hence demands that an assumption is made before hand that there already exists a value in taking on the journey toward the goal waiting to be discovered.You dont want to pcik a career as a janitor if nothing at all attracts you to this kind of lifestyle.

Once such a value is found, one needs to focus on it in order to amplify it as a driving force for securing motivation for the general goal. At first you may not know exactly how to stay focused but with experience it all becomes clear. Think of the practical method as trial and error process to finding a solution.

Once the value of the goal is found, its size can be randomly assigned as large.You want to pass the exam? Fine. But whats a pass to you? Is making it past the passmark a pass to you? If so by how much? Then again how important is it that you reach that exact mark? Would you prefer to go for a certain range, say 70 – 80 percent? The more defined the goal’s size is the easier it is to work towards it. Numbers create clarity and convergence of intention. Not all the time, but most of the time. Once both the need for the goal and the size of that need have been set then the project can begin and actual operational planning can ensue.

Operation planning

The trick about operational planning is that most of the time we do not know everything that we need to carry out operations. Finding out what we need is the first mile in the actual journey of achieving our goals.  It is also important because assumptions are avoided hence bettering our chances for success. Information should however never get in the way of timely action taking. The challenges we might meet at this stage are many. From this point onward the journey of achievement is a quick feedback system that provides us with all the information we need. Any reaction from the real world becomes a source of information for our use and control and it’s accuracy can never be doubted. Being rejected by banks when trying to get a loan, is a signal that something is missing. Finding out this ‘something’ becomes a part of our feedback based data collection operatives. This in turn improves our skill set.

It is our ability to zone down on each of the critical but minute problems and figure out what it takes to solve them that eventually enhances our overall success. In such a case problem solving becomes as easy as playing a video game.

Ever felt like …


Ever felt like people stopped telling you what they really think about you a long time ago and nowadays only hit you back with blank stares that seem to say it all. Sometimes I get that.The feeling is empty.

But that’s not what really bums me out. What really annoys me is when people stay a while without talking to you then jump right back to your face with urgent demands. Whats the hurry for all of a sudden? But then again, not really. You kinda get used to it. You sort of develop a protocol for dealing with such. Its called ‘No’.

Today I got back to feeling really good about working. Its a freaking blessing. The reason why most people around you are so depressed and boring is because they got their jobs thinking it was gonna be something else… like a lifetime bachelor party. Well, last week was kind of shit. I just couldn’t do anything right. Still aint doing it but at least this time I’m making up.


On twitter. Not much. Highlight of my week so far. Beers at a strip joint. Its amazing how polite and hospitable those ladies can be.. on a Monday! lol!

In other news, is it possible to change your star sign and behave like someone from a different point on the calendar? Wait. Even more importantly. Is that shit even real?

Random graphs (read paragraphs)


Blogs are like diaries. Some people make theirs more fun than others. That way they get listened to. Would I be writing this if  I didnt want to come back and say “Uuuu Aaaa! What an interesting collection of self indulgence acts we have here”. No.

I recently read Scot Berkun’s guide on getting started on writing. Apparently putting in a few mugs of alchol can get your mind jogging. Now as I jot out this pricy package of garbage, I realise he is right.

If I had a dog I’d definitely post a picture of him on this one. Coz this really feels like a doggy post.

Culture of you


Who am I? Who are you? Are we a mass product of our backgrounds? Should we strive to fit into cultures or should we redesign our cultures to fit with us? ImageHalf the time we settle for being the in betweeners – Trying to look for cultures that match our personalities while switching between different faces to appease society. Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to completely adopt a culture I do not agree with. To become a druggie in both the outward practice and the inward thought or an army official who in completely immersed in the ideas of protecting the state. I ask myself what it would feel like to forsake freedom and embrace change at the core of my inner being. One word comes to mind; Dead!

But then I ask, if what we agree with or what we prefer is simply a product of our backgrounds didn’t the real and natural us die a long time ago? Are we simply getting born again and again while constantly trying to fight the death of our completely former lifestyles; the death of our former selves? But maybe it doesnt matter as much as I portray it to. Maybe the only bad thing about death (in the all the aforementioned forms) is realizing that you are dead. Kind of like how no-one regrets dying (biologically) since the self is not there anymore to review its termination. But who would know? No one around you has ever died. No-one can attest to regretting biological death.

And regretting any form of death is already a sign that a part of the former you is still alive. so what do you do? Do you constantly wish that you could just decide whether to let go of that former self and embrace a new universe? I think we should not. In the string of all things that come and pass, there is always that part of us that stays the same. If you have been killing it again and again then Wake up! Its time to respect its immortality and accept its security. Personal culture is the only thing that society or the world cannot change unless we allow it to. Our personal values. The stuff that really has a weight of good or bad in our tried souls. So be alive or die faithless and confused.



Annoying right? The Caps. BUT IM BAAACK! What am I doing on a wordpress hosted blog once again. I’m simply picking up the pieces of a past life where creativity flourished through my typing fingers like a field of fudge. So what the Fudge happened? I cant quite answer that correctly right now. What I can do is try to move on. Its the only thing dreamers do while that one day they’ll be wiser not to stumble into the many man holes along the way.. Its been like a year now. was a huge disaster. From the spammy bots to the zeros on my Google Analytics page; just a total horror. Thus my resolve has been to get back to the basics. What better time to return to my long lost blog than when I’ve just suffered a supernormal writing block like 3 hours ago .

So, this is it. Lets make art!