Annoying right? The Caps. BUT IM BAAACK! What am I doing on a wordpress hosted blog once again. I’m simply picking up the pieces of a past life where creativity flourished through my typing fingers like a field of fudge. So what the Fudge happened? I cant quite answer that correctly right now. What I can do is try to move on. Its the only thing dreamers do while that one day they’ll be wiser not to stumble into the many man holes along the way.. Its been like a year now. was a huge disaster. From the spammy bots to the zeros on my Google Analytics page; just a total horror. Thus my resolve has been to get back to the basics. What better time to return to my long lost blog than when I’ve just suffered a supernormal writing block like 3 hours ago .

So, this is it. Lets make art!


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