Culture of you


Who am I? Who are you? Are we a mass product of our backgrounds? Should we strive to fit into cultures or should we redesign our cultures to fit with us? ImageHalf the time we settle for being the in betweeners – Trying to look for cultures that match our personalities while switching between different faces to appease society. Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to completely adopt a culture I do not agree with. To become a druggie in both the outward practice and the inward thought or an army official who in completely immersed in the ideas of protecting the state. I ask myself what it would feel like to forsake freedom and embrace change at the core of my inner being. One word comes to mind; Dead!

But then I ask, if what we agree with or what we prefer is simply a product of our backgrounds didn’t the real and natural us die a long time ago? Are we simply getting born again and again while constantly trying to fight the death of our completely former lifestyles; the death of our former selves? But maybe it doesnt matter as much as I portray it to. Maybe the only bad thing about death (in the all the aforementioned forms) is realizing that you are dead. Kind of like how no-one regrets dying (biologically) since the self is not there anymore to review its termination. But who would know? No one around you has ever died. No-one can attest to regretting biological death.

And regretting any form of death is already a sign that a part of the former you is still alive. so what do you do? Do you constantly wish that you could just decide whether to let go of that former self and embrace a new universe? I think we should not. In the string of all things that come and pass, there is always that part of us that stays the same. If you have been killing it again and again then Wake up! Its time to respect its immortality and accept its security. Personal culture is the only thing that society or the world cannot change unless we allow it to. Our personal values. The stuff that really has a weight of good or bad in our tried souls. So be alive or die faithless and confused.


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