Ever felt like …


Ever felt like people stopped telling you what they really think about you a long time ago and nowadays only hit you back with blank stares that seem to say it all. Sometimes I get that.The feeling is empty.

But that’s not what really bums me out. What really annoys me is when people stay a while without talking to you then jump right back to your face with urgent demands. Whats the hurry for all of a sudden? But then again, not really. You kinda get used to it. You sort of develop a protocol for dealing with such. Its called ‘No’.

Today I got back to feeling really good about working. Its a freaking blessing. The reason why most people around you are so depressed and boring is because they got their jobs thinking it was gonna be something else… like a lifetime bachelor party. Well, last week was kind of shit. I just couldn’t do anything right. Still aint doing it but at least this time I’m making up.


On twitter. Not much. Highlight of my week so far. Beers at a strip joint. Its amazing how polite and hospitable those ladies can be.. on a Monday! lol!

In other news, is it possible to change your star sign and behave like someone from a different point on the calendar? Wait. Even more importantly. Is that shit even real?


3 thoughts on “Ever felt like …

  1. trixy

    i admit i didnt read the blog itself, but that pic makes me want to go back and read what in the world you were writing about!!! jeez setta, i actually had a laugh out loud moment 🙂

  2. trixy

    read the blog and you have a sense of writing humor! nice! and i dont believe the stars especially if the tell something i already figured out by myself, ages ago! and good luck with your protocal!

    • The Setta

      Hey, thanks for dropping by. This was a pretty random post, they kind you just goof with. Glad you enjoyed it. The protocol is not working badly at all..

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