Communication and Effectiveness


Communication and effectiveness are the two traits that anyone needs to be successful.

How do I know? Its only rational. In all the things I have deliberately been able to become successful in, I could either attribute my success to my ability to talk and listen or my ability to deliver; to ship.

If you think about all the people out there in the world who are considered achievers, you’ll see its the same scenario all around.

Take for instance the Google dudes, Serge and Page. They are always perfect in delivering what it is that people want. Google maps was totally user compatible upon its launch and it just keeps getting better. Who would have thought that such a simple idea would land on the laps of people who had already swept the world with another simpler and important product.


People often grapple with the concept of effectiveness. They read books to understand the ‘strategy’ of being effective. They consult life coaches and speakers. Not bad at all. But we need to ask in a summation of all these ideas we hear; What is effectiveness? In not so many words or chapters, its the ability to focus and work on what needs production and actually produce it. How do we focus? Focusing simply means filtering out tasks that don’t have any meaning to the end product and sticking to those that do. Does checking out new cars at the parking lot during office hours help you get a raise? Maybe if your doing with your boss and your trying to expound on how you’d want one of those if you had a better pay. Yeah maybe then but if its with your just as poverty stricken colleague at the office, you better get your head back in the game or you’ll be checking them out till kingdom come.

We all need to take a cue on this and stop effectively producing excuses. Excuses justify our inability to be effective. The better we get at coping out excuses, the better we get at being ineffective. As soon as we realize that its not the much we can justify failing in but the much we can demonstrate succeeding in that counts, the more successful we will become. My former boss used to give me tasks and upon checking on my progress he would tell me to do it no matter what it took. Back then i thought he was a rude immature and irritating prick but now as I take on the world business alone I realize that he was totally right. You have to do it no matter what it takes and more often than not what it takes is really not that  much if we use a bit of creativity.


For a while I had thought that communication can be substituted with effectiveness; that you could reel in customers by simply offering better prices or better speed in delivery. To some extent you obviously can but nobody likes being served by a ghost. Sooner or later, they will want a working relationship with their vendor. I used to think that you could excuse your inability to deliver the whole package by simply delivering the little you could in good time. Turns out I was very wrong. Communication can mean everything. Communication plants ideas in people. When these ideas are conveyed and understood they could prevent a lot of negative reaction and also induce a lot of positive ones too. You could be amazed, how easily effectiveness can be optimized by communicating well.

Communication may at times not even mean anything. For instance, stating the obvious like most mass media advertisements are fond of doing. The very repetition of that information can kills any minute shreds of doubt that were beginning to form in someone’s mind. Its simply subconscious. Calling a client to tell them that a job is going on well while at the same time informing them of the difficulties so far could prepare them for any sudden setbacks that may arise. At the same time communication can be a source of solutions. You might find that the person whose problem you are trying to solve already has parts of the answer to the solution. That’s why many firms have now chosen to intensely invest in customer feedback systems to help them give the best they can to their clientele. As effective as you desire to become, certain limitations may hinder your performance. These limitations cannot be excused if there is a way to find solutions through communication.

The bottom line

As much as these two forces are critical in the success of anything, they are to be steadily acquired. Success as i have always believed is a skill. Brian Tracy,a  renowned motivational speaker on the topic once said ‘Success is a habit’ Succeeding once in something is a huge factor in succeeding in that thing again in future. That’s how professions are learned. That’s why the best soccer teams maintain top position so many times in a row. That’s why the richest billionaires make billions every year without slipping to the millionaires club. Like, how long has Warren Buffet of Bill Gates been a billionaire? The chances that either of them will ever revert to becoming millionaires are pretty slim if you ask me. It’s because they turned it into a skill. They know precisely how to become billionaires. In fact anyone who knows how to make money at a rate dependent on any factor can become a billionaire. You just need to know how to work that factor to produce the money.  In this case for me, the universal factors are effectiveness and communication. Everything else be it, education, capital, professional skill set, a good staff or a good marketing strategy are just going to come from those two factors.

One things to note however is that communication should never be substituted by effectiveness and vice versa. If you wanna talk yourself out of an exam you were supposed to be prepared for then you might as well talk yourself out of attending class and even graduating. Preparing for and passing the exam is a task that demands effectiveness alone, no talk just do. If you on the other hand cant talk your employees into sharing their problems then you’ll just fire them so that you can get better employees and avoid losing clients. But one things for sure. You’ll be in for a loss making roller coaster ride.


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