The Art of Work (for Works of Art)


Don’t you sometimes wish you had a button on your spine that you could hit anytime you needed to focus and get something done. There are so many situations where we all find ourselves facing that lazy Monday attitude that keeps us from getting started on a task. Recently, I did a post on effectiveness and its importance but I never really got into how to maintain an effective character. I therefore hope this post will help drive in some momentum on the matter.

I talked about excuses in my last post. Excuses are always useless if they don’t encourage improvement. That’s the true and candid bottom line. Most of the time we’ll end up dabbling back and forth with questions like “Why must I do it?” or  “Why must I do it now?” or ” Is it really worth it?” and “Then what?” The truth is if we asked ourselves these questions about everything we would probably never do anything in life. But how do we evade these questions?

Most of the things we do in life without thinking twice about are things we don’t reflect about later in these terms so the questions really are meaningless. You want to go play video games, you wont ask, ‘then what?’ Its really about the fun experience. Fortunately when we do manage to do the tougher stuff there’s that sense of accomplishment that makes you feel much stronger, much greater than you were. It lets you think ” Wow, that wasn’t even tough at all.” You slowly evolve into a pro. The real questions we should thus be asking is “How quickly can I do this?” and “How much do I want to get done today?” We should also ask “How perfectly can I hack that?” Quantity, Quality.

So maybe that;’s the start button we need. The feeling of accomplishment. Just seeing how far you can go can make it count. You don’t want to write that letter. Maybe what you really want to do is prove that you CAN write that letter. You cant contact that client. Maybe what you really wanna do is find out how well you can deal with clients. Or what’s even more fun is finding out how bad you are with clients, pastors, doctors, respected personalities, hot babes. The list is endless. What we really want to do is find a new adventure in life. Just like the video, be in it for the fun experience. People who laugh about the misfortunes of life experience the best of it. Go somewhere you have never been before. If you are unhappy with your current lifestyle, its simply because you have never attempted going beyond it. Have you ever imagined what life would be if you were a billionaire? You would probably need to meet with big CEOs everyday. If having a meeting with one today totally creeps the life out of you, then you have a journey to begin. Step one – meet big people. You might get to hear stuff you have never been told before.

Shadow cityAnd what if you fail? Well, It might entertain someone later on when you tell the story. But more importantly, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. Ultimately, the only reason we always drag ourselves to do certain tasks is because they aren’t so easy to do successfully. We haven’t figured out how to do them like pros. So again its a learning opportunity. Or maybe we haven’t found which part of doing them we like the most. Discover the art behind that task. If you are not familiar with the art, discover it. Maybe there are better ways of making a web page. Invent it. Make art.

On the other hand somethings are simply mundane. There is simply nothing arty about them. Errands, like paying bills or doing laundry. True. These are probably the best tasks. They require little to no thought at all which means you don’t have to put your mind in it. And that’s where automation comes in. A computer program could probably be invented to do them. And there are computers and machines that let you do them. Washing machines are there to do your laundry, consider getting one. Nowadays, you don’t really have to cue to pay bills. There are online systems for that. Alternatively get someone who enjoys doing stuff that involves minimal thinking to do it.

Henry Ford once said that thinking is the toughest job there is. In our day and age, it could as well be the best job there is if we put a bit of art into it.


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