Beware the Mind Fuck. 1

I recently found myself dabbling with a statement made by famous 20th Century scientist Albert Einstein. It states “Reality is but an illusion albeit a very persistent one” Being the meticulous analyst I am, I had to take the statement inside and out and probe its correctness. What ensued was a maze of intertwining and self replicating thoughts. At the end of it all, the maze boiled down to two ideas.
First, the statement is true, because it negates its own validity. If the statement is but an illusion and simply isn’t true, then it is already correct. If however it is true, then by every right is also an illusion but this then brings us back to point number one which justifies its correctness. The concept encapsulated by Einstein’s statement is simply the concept of faith. Science is in itself a form of religion – a faith. Art as well. Why? Because it is limited to our accepted receptors of reality. When you are in elementary school, they tell you that scientific inference is made by simply using the five common sense. We use our senses to shape our lives through sciences which are bodies of knowledge we create from physical perception.Skills like management science, engineering…name it. They all derive meaning from our physical perceptions.
illusionAnything beyond that is not provable. This is the simple reason as to why so many people believe in emotions such as love. Emotions and abstract ideas can be induced through the senses. Without seeing or hearing or reading something from a potential lover, you cannot fall in love. That is where our faith lies, intepretions of what we gather from the universe through our senses.
Once we have that, a whole new universe of realities is formed in our minds and it carries us through each day. We are connected to it and it is connected to us. We have a resolute picture of who we are (to some rough extent) and we have a resolute picture of what the world is (to some adjustable extent) and we are content. Or are we?

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