Be Here, Now


The future doesn’t exist and the past is dead.

No one knows what the future holds. The future is amorphous and cannot be defined in totality. The past can but it is totally unalterable, totally beyond our control. We can only accept our past. We cannot control it. We can only control our future. We mustn’t accept it. Sometimes we get caught in between the lines and find ourselves doing the opposite of each. Sometimes, we try to control a past that is already cast in stone. It might be the drug addict who is always hiding from the world because of the mistakes he made years ago. It might be the forsaken lover who is trying to get back to an ex that she genuinely doesn’t deserve. Other times, we choose to accept a future that is not yet revealed; The choice to reject a business deal that seems a bit riskier than you are used to or the choice to ignore an opportunity to experience a whole new world somewhere else far from home.

Some people sojourn an entire lifetime asking “What is the meaning of life?”, when the meaning was right there in the seconds they watched slip by. They were too busy worrying about the future and the past. Those people could be me and you. The true meaning of life is in the present. Be here now.


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