Beware the Mind Fuck 2


The universal belief system

Some people perceive what marketers do everyday to be magic. How do you get people who seemed initially disinterested in a product so psyched about it all of a sudden? Some may say it comes with practice. You often hear the term, “I’ve learnt how to read people.” Its true, some people do have  knack for that. What it is you do after that is what matters. Offering something as an affirmation, because people are always hungry for something to believe in. Its what keeps us going as humans. So, our human nature is designed to encourage dream makers  – people who keep us believing. When you read someone, you see what it is exactly they want. You find the cradle of their values and you pleasure it with bait. And just like a fish, the person can easily get trapped in the bait because subconsciously its what they want. I’m not here to give a one on one on marketing, seduction or mind play but the system is pretty clear. It rides on one core principle. Anything is believable. We are value driven creatures. Everything we do is done to satisfy some value, mainly happiness. Seth Godin once wrote all about in All Marketers are Liars.

We alter reality through our beliefs

Paying for value

Ultimately, we choose what we believe and whatever it is does not make it true just because we believe in it. We just believe in it to place some value on it which when found will give us satisfaction. Any action starts off with a definition of the value attached to it. If you are going to spend 5000 dollars to buy a car it’s because that is the best  amount that matches you value for the car but value is only measured by belief. If something or someone gets you to believe that the car sucks and its going to depreciate quickly, you will easily also depreciate your attachment to it… even without proof. You must believe in the greatness of the value to take whichever action you will take. So, generally speaking there would not be any right or wrong price to pay for something if a steadfast value system is adopted for our actions. There is no set limit for everyone as to how much effort you can put to get a relationship going, how many times you can forgive someone or how much you can sacrifice to keep a client so long as we believe it.

Likewise, as individuals we set our own limits. But we set our limits based on who we have limited ourselves to be. The limits are our principles and it is literally sinful to change them… or so we believe.

Who we are

In this day and age constant character is something that is hailed and exalted in all sectors of society. What it means for other people is that they can find ways of working with you or working around you. Dealing with criminals is easy because it is assumed that their principles are stuck on being evil and non-submissive to law and order. We do not want to assume the best of them. This could easily change our resolve to punish them which is the way we know how to deal with them. So it is assumed that they deserve the punishments they get because of this chosen way of life, this image they maintain. Along the course of his sentence, if a prisoner changes his behavior again in a consistent manner, another conclusion is made to their character and it is assumed that they have finally become morally upright. It is easy to achieve a lot from this kind of human reasoning. Creating an impression of consistency of character by acting in accordance to a set of principles can get you a lot in life. It can get you parole, a spouse, a job, a promotion, intimacy and most of all trust. Again, I am not saying this to advocate for pretentious behavior. It goes simply to prove a point. Even who we are can be altered.

If you simply choose a different set of values for yourself, it instantly changes your decisions and consequently your actions. Accepting one version of yourself is good and bad at the same time. For the self beneficial values that your current persona carries, staying constant can maintain behavior that earns you positive outcomes. But what about the negative sides of us? Or what we call our weaknesses.

Abilities and shortcomings

We often find ourselves desiring things that we do not believe we can achieve. The excuse is usually that we are not good enough. This immediately sets the standards that we are one constant rock that cannot grow. What should however be left as the constant is the goal we seek. Anything else can be changed including our selves and the even the value we attribute to the goal. Sometimes people give up on things because they think they are not attracted to them anymore. This is the very idea of a mind fuck. The thought stream goes somewhat like this.. “Maybe I wont even win the competition, in fact I’m just not feeling it anymore. I don’t want to win.” One thought leads to another and you are soon bowing out in surrender. It is a portrayal of reality that is not sufficiently provable. Believing in something is essentially where value comes from. Anyone can convince themselves that they want something just by thinking more about having it. Even a skill. Think of yourself driving a race car and the thrill that comes with it. You know a part of you wants it. Its motivation 101.  With the motivation to achieve something, the desire to learn how to do it becomes automatically roused. All these factors are thus changeable both subconsciously or consciously. Recognizing how conscious control can be used to defeat the subconscious mind (or what I like to call reactive mind) is key to taking a leap forward. The greatest people often know this and have used it to their best advantage.


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