I once talked about conscious cognition in robots through programs but these TED guys are taking it to the core of the matter.


When talking about Artificial Intelligence many people will think of things like HAL or a star trek like computer system and then people think of what we have today and believe artificial intelligence is impossible. Computer programmers like myself realize that the amount of traditional coding required to build a consciousness would be impossible.

However scientists are working on technology and doing research today that will fundamentally change how we do AI in the future. Sebastian Seung is working on mapping the human brain wiring, something he is calling the connectome, and Henry Markram is working on building the brain one synapse at a time and both these scientists represent the coming of a perfect storm of technology for AI.

Today’s artificial intelligence all works the same and that is if Event A happens then do action B. It is a reactionary model based around what developers call if…

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