10 Sites for Alternative and Revolutionary Thinkers


Wild Thinkers

Like the name suggests, this site is all about thinking and curiosity. I came by it on facebook while exploring the web for something to keep my ever probing mind company. When I found it, I was immediately pulled in by the numerous questions about stuff I had never bothered to wonder about. The fact that someone else was out there asking about them told me there was another whole society of alternative thinkers out there. Some of the questions on the Facebook page can be very trivial but if you check the site you will get more than just questions, you will find answers.


TED is a more serious organization of thinkers with various divisions, chapters and several prominent guests as contributors. Here, more complex and significant questions are raised by reputable thinkers of our age. The list ranges from neuroscientists, marketing gurus to mathematicians. You can watch them all for free on the videos archives. The team of TED speakers often present mildly discussed issues such as cloning the human mind, the state of our society with the current boom in technological usage and the likes. Sometimes they even present intriguing discoveries and inventions. The best part about TED is that there are conversations where you get to debate on some of these fundamental topics.

The 99 percent

I like to think of this site as TED for the creatives. The 99 percent gets its name from the famous Thomas Edison quote “success is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” – a very true statement indeed. These guys have dedicated the site to helping people get their ideas in action and make them a reality. Most of the material leans more towards creative and techie work but it is not entirely confined to these two fields. It is worth a look if you are looking for the push to get you seriously started on your awesome ideas and projects.


If you are a skeptic you will definetly grow fond of this site. There is even a magazine that comes with it. It’s the online social hub for skeptic thinking. Any large claim that has ever been made by the world is thoroughly screened for consistency and truth. They always look for an antithesis to any theory at skeptics.com, for instance, the emphasized reports about climate change and global warming. Are they really true?


Radiolab is an actual online listener station where the presenters take it up a notch by putting in some entertainment element to their ideas. Think of a TED talk done as a musical… Personally, I thought it was a little corny but if you are the kind who likes to learn about how mobile phones work through rap verses then you should definitely try Radiolab.


‘Conversations on the edge of human knowledge’ is the tagline for edge.org. Edge is a lot like TED which a few skeptic elements as some of the speakers are out to disprove commonly held notions. The idea is to have these persons from respected field come through and explain their most outstanding work and ideas.

Do Lectures

The Do Lectures is like what the 99 percent could have been if it took on every existing discipline ein the world. At The Do Lectures, they cover business, creativity, sport, food, health and well being and even environmental issues. The idea is the same i.e. to get ideas into reality by taking action. The site however presents its video content in a different manner as some of the lectures have been made into short features. This makes them even more interesting and engaging.

Big Think

Big Think is also much like TED but in addition to science business and innovations, it also covers leadership. There are very in depth insights to a variety of questions and I get the feeling that the site focuses less on the speakers and writers and more on the concepts presented. The topical areas are broader and even go as far as discussing love, sex and marriage. It’s quite a hook once you start browsing around.


RSA stands for Royal Society for the encouragement of arts manufactures and commerce. It’s a charity organization that is driven towards innovative change in order to solve modern social challenges. The fellows of this society create a test new social models that will work to improve how we live and also secure our future. Think of it as a forum for engaging the general public in building solutions for itself be it public transportation, health systems and so forth.


Zeitgeist’s Moving Forward Documentary

The Zeitgeist Movement

The Zeitgeist movement falls in this list because it is a revolutionary idea that was comprehensively covered in the famous Zeitgeist documentaries. Highly anarchist in nature, the zeitgeist founders believe in a different system of world structures that do not rely on governments or money driven economies. I think this is wild thinking in the making because the objective of the site is to get as many people to come together and work against the present world systems that have caused so much imbalance and chaos for humanity and form new ones which are sustainable


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