Cycle of wealth


They say time is money. Meaning if one uses up his time well he will make money and if he uses it badly he will not make any money and worse still he can even lose it. But then what about the other situation? What if you wanted to have more money and more time all at once starting with very little of both? Well the following logic flow statements may give an idea of how skills and businesses can produce this. I have tried to put it as bluntly and concisely as possible.


Business exist to satisfy a demand with value

Businesses and people in general need skills to create value

Skills get you paid for creating value

Greater skills create greater value

Greater value gets you greater wealth

Skills can be bought through books

Books are cheap

Hence skills are cheap to gain

This means money is cheap to make

More time used in gaining skills creates more skill,

This creates more money

But uses more time

Businesses need money to start

This money can be sourced from the above skill based process

With businesses, money making is scalable

In other words, one makes more money in less time

With more skill one can run a better business

More time spent on a business creates more skill in running the business

Skills can also be bought through money (time is money)

With more skill and money, businesses produce exponentially more time and more money

In the end you will make a lot of money and in very little time

Le Fin

NB: I have not included less relevant variables such as motivation, product promotion and office policy…




5 thoughts on “Cycle of wealth

  1. Theoretically, its feasible to spend an infinite amount of time getting good at some skill as this will translate to an infinite amount of money, right?

    • I am Sam

      An infinite amount of time is something we human are not endowed with being mortal and all. But the income chain definitely increases with skill advancements.

  2. I agree that there’s definitely a cycle to wealth. For me the biggest challenge has been you either seem to have money or time but never both. The more time on your hands the less money you seem to have and vice versa. Like anything in life, I suppose its a balance.

    • I am Sam

      Its true if you are referring to any occupation that demands direct skill input from you alone. Have you read the 4 hour work week?

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