You are what you blog


The beauty of a blog lies in the eyes of the blogger. If you are a blogger you stand to be the greatest beneficiary of your blog. You will consume it everyday as you try to find ways of improving it. You produce it every time you write. And in my opinion anyone can blog. Everyone has his/her own biological blog on auto-run all the time and its called the mind. Each sequence of thoughts always revolves around a particular subject or a particular mood and hence results in an unpublished blog post. And in the same way in which they say you are what you think, you are also what you blog. So, in how many ways can a blog represent real life?

You are what you blog

Spiritual bloggers

A blog can be your spiritual haven if it reflects your true self and your greatest beliefs. Each word you wrote but didn’t believe presents a deeper meaning. Maybe it shows the conflicts you are going through with your own self about the subject. Again you can also discuss the metaphysical and come up with your own concepts of spiritual actualization. I have seen many a blog that did not hesitate to include a post or two about their religious views. I have been guilty of this myself in a former blog. I think the freedom to do this without limitations is something that endears more people to their blogs than to other online stations such as social media profiles.

Political bloggers

Again it can be political as soon as you gain positions of authority from it. Think of all the specialist niche bloggers out there. Some rant about photography, some rant about web design, technology, making money online, lifestyle… the list is endless. Somehow as people start to respect your knowledge in these fields you are seen as a leader and thus the politics begins. As we all know politics is all about influencing others more these days more than it is about leading. Bloggers everywhere are in a constant race to occupy your mind with their customized ideas concerning the niche you have given them authority over. There will be offers to join their tribes of niche enthusiasts on each blog page you click on.

Economic bloggers

The economic element of a blog is obviously by far the more explored and tested area. Most bloggers out there have a secret desire (and sometimes not so secret desire) to make a killing off the information their reveal on their blogs. Because of this, the whole idea of profitable blogging has been turned into a science. There are myriads of online schools which train you on how to turn a blog into a business or, at the least, revenue centres.  Funny enough, the people behind these schools ventured into profitable blogging as an art – experimenting with things people may value. They eventually realized that they knew exactly how the game is played. Produce content (offer), get traffic (market), create product and sell it to your readers (now clients). It’s the sell out model of niche blogging. The best part about using a blog as an income earning tool is that you become proficient at whatever it is you’re offering. Every time you write you will be forced to create the best value out of your blog post because A. Competition is in plenty and B. No one trusts anyone online unless you give them sufficient reason to. Trust is earned by quality. Consequently, you will find yourself immersed in the world of such and such a topic which, in the real world, with make you twice the expert you are 0nline.

What many blogs will tell you about making money online

Social bloggers

A blog is also a social hub. I like to think of the blogosphere as an untethered social media network. The rules are self made however. You get to decide how your profile will look like and so on. You can leap from blog to blog and discuss stuff in a much broader perspective. Again you dont have to send friend requests to get chatting. You just need to connect on some level. Some conversational levels regardless of the means used. It could be a comment on a post, a backlink, a photo tag, an entire blog post with mentions …..  Bloggers are the most socially accesible people online. Thy expose their thoughts in the most open way and allow like minded people to indulge in the same. I know for a fact that more then 80 percent of bloggers out are more than grateful for each single comment that lands on any post they’ve published.

Blogging can expand your social circles to help you meet people within your spheres of interest

There are bloggers out there given the variety of dimensions a blog can take on spend more than half their days in their blogging communities. In my opinion, I think the connections and leverage that blogging gives anyone should be used as a bridge to constructing one’s life outside the computer screen and not necessarily to keep one away from the real world. So whenever you struggle to come up with blog posts, you should ask yourself “Which part of me is missing on this post?” Every post needs to cut out the B.S that seeps from the cracks and crevices your writer’s block and truly dig in to what you want to say. Everything else i.e, SEO, keyword research, multimedia, post-publishing edits, backlinks, inbound links and the rest should only come in to compliment your real say. In short, be your blog.


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