9 Vital questions to ask yourself


Here are some questions I tend to ask myself once in a while. They have helped me chart a path to peace and contentment in myself.

Why am I doing this?

I like this question because at times it helps me stop doing ridiculous things while at other times it helps me stop doing urgent things which are not really important to me? Sometimes you will be surprised by the fact that you could be doing stuff to please others more than to please yourself. This is ok as long as you’re not hurting yourself while you’re at it. Its dangerous when you ignore this question because you can easily put yourself in compromising situations doing things you don’t need to do.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Yes, because its never that serious. Hesitation is human nature. We know we need to do something and it makes sense to dive in but were are normally too scared or too wise. The truth is that only action begets reaction and choosing inaction is in most times the cause of our lack of progress. The problem is that we normally expect the worst without knowing exactly what it is. Asking yourself this question helps you define your fears and dispel them in seconds. With the answer to this question in your mind, you immediately become prepared for whatever bad outcome that could be.

How do I attack this?

This is the alternative question to “Can I hack(manage) this?” Instead of questioning your capability to try something you should question your tactics for trying it. Being able to accomplish something is simply a question of which technique you adopt. If you use the wrong formula to solve a math equation you will definitely get a wrong answer. If you feed on the wrong diet you will definitely fail to lose the write amount of weight. If you say the wrong thing when making a sale, you may easily lose the client. In this regard you need to recognize that it is not who you are but what you do that counts. This question brings that fact into perspective.

How do I refine this?

So you have done it but have you done it to the best of your ability? You need to revise your results and ascertain that they are satisfactory. As a writer this question is a mandatory step in my everyday work and even in my blog. I have to edit myself before I let my editor do his part. Each article I write has to represent something that I will be accountable for later on if questions are raised. Then again in terms of product development, whatever you create needs to please YOU first before YOU let it please others. That is the greatest editing or product development advice you can get out there. That is how you refine you work or product.

Do I need this?

Do you need what you have? Do you need what you are about to do? Sometimes we hold on to things that weigh us down. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just let go? To let them fall down on the ground and break into a million pieces? The feeling of letting go of something that was simply piercing you inside is the best feeling ever. It is freedom from your selfAnd the problem is that we don’t realize that their is more value in handling less than handling more. It can be anything, from disturbing conversations you have to endure with your boss to a house you hate but cant find the courage to sell.

How fast can I do this?

This question is one that we all love to avoid. We are all lazy to do that which we are not passionate about. Rationally we should do what we loathe much more quickly than what we love. If what makes us do what we love is the passion for the process, then doesn’t that mean we should do what we have less passion for a lot more quickly to see the end of it. Logically it makes sense but then we as humans are not really completely just rational beings. We are not robots. But then it is our intelligence that has hastened our progress as a race. We should therefore take advantage of it and decision such as efficiency should not just be left out of the equation. If we really desire quick results we need to ask ourselves, “How quickly can we do this?”

How much is this worth?

The question of value is one that most people often don’t comprehend very well. It is like people don’t seriously ask themselves how valuable they are before they commit themselves to anything. Time is valuable, so is money, love, family, attention, knowledge, trust and even skills. And all of them are thing we own. They are our property. Yet we very easily give them away in the hope of getting much less in return. People often use a rough approximation of their desperation to judge their true worth. But as soon as we stop to say, “I am worth much more than this.” the tables do indeed turn. Then and only then do people give you more for what you offer. Yet for this to happen you also have to provide real value. You need to see how valuable your offer is before you place a diamond tag on it. If it truly isn’t worth that much the task is upon you shift gears and make it more valuable or lower the prices.

Who can I talk to?

At times we may not have all the answers. Other people do though. It is important to try and make connections with such people and find out how they can help. You would be surprised how eager people are to help if you appear as someone of value as well. Its simply a faster way to get around and many a time it is also a way to find out whether you are actually on the right path.


This is the question that every curious mind must ask. Question don’t always surround us. We as humans have a tendency to simply accept things as they are if they don’t really bother us. The greatest inventions were made this way – by asking the question ‘Why?’ Everything as you might well know, happens for a reason. Questioning the good things we see around us can provide answers to how they became good. We often ask a lot of questions about the negative. “Why is my business not picking up?”, “Why is there poverty in third world countries” or “Why do we have corruption in our state systems?”. The answers could possibly be found in asking the questions “Why are my competitors business’s picking up?” or “Why is there prosperity in first world countries?” or “Why is there no corruption in certain nations”

Oh God Why

But why?


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