Why skill is more important than capital


You know the famous saying from the Bible that says “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It doesn’t get more profound than that. We have all been brainwashed into thinking that our education system is out to teach us how to fish. The truth is it that it has taught how to beg for fish. Every single employee out there is playing into the begging game by subscribing to some standardized form of remuneration. Beggars are constantly afraid of sleeping hungry. We all think that beggars are people who demand something for nothing. But just like every shopkeeper and every hot shot lawyer out there, there is a trade to begging. If a beggar begs you, there is definitely a reason why you might end up helping him out. Its a trade off for our soul’s purity and their daily bread. We get to walk off feeling a lot better about our selves thinking that we aren’t that rottenly selfish after all. They on the other hand get to eat for a day. That’s the trade in begging. Some beggars perfect the art and find out how to beg better but at the end of the day they will still be just that – beggars.

The same case applies to employment. A price tag is put on your specialized skill and not really your time. Time is invaluable. It is the one resource you cannot recycle, the one resource that you cannot use sustainably. You will provide skill in return for a certain wage but you will never have time to stop asking. Sure your employee could use your skill but he is much more comfortable using you time. So every employer out there is feeding off someone else’s time and making a kiling out of it.

Skill vs capital

As an employee you choose to give up your time so that you can be relieved off the need to use your mind in the true potential of all its facets. We pay with our time to avoid thinking. How so? Well, if you were to start your own firm to do exactly what you are employed to do, it’s quite obvious that you would be required to think a lot more creatively and proactively than you do when you are employed. But then you will end up with a lot of free time once the thinking gets you to come up with structures and business mechanisms that don’t need you doing everything. This way you end up with all your time in hand.

The biggest misconception however is that money is the real issue when it comes to starting your own thing. I can assure you that it is not. Money is simply a form of red tape to filter out who can make it big and who will end up a loser. With a certain amount of money you can end up with a failure of a business or a huge success. Our education system teaches us to be ready to join the job market and wait on a steady supply of fish whose long term future is not completely guaranteed. But what if it taught us how to make that fish for ourselves or in other words how to start enterprises that provided others with fish instead. That’s the real skill right there. Without it you remain forever a beggar. CV in one hand and servitude in the other.


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