About your about page


Whats an about page for if it won’t tell the world anything about what your about?

The first time I tried creating a self hosted blog I checked our Darren Rowse‘s 31 days to a better blog e-book. Amongst the first thing he covers is the about page (and that’s as far as I went with the guide). He says that the about page should at best capture what you are about with a really short sentence. That in itself is the mark of clarity – a sign that you know exactly why you started your blog. Its like they say – brevity is the soul of wit.

You can know what you are blogging about but fail to know why you are blogging about it. It the same thing everywhere if you look at all the blogs that fail to live up to their expectations. You are better off not knowing what to blog on a given day than not knowing why you want to blog.

So sometimes you come across very gross About pages. Some of them will cover a lot of verbosity and say nothing about what the log is about. For example..

 …..dedicated to the generation, presentation and promotion of innovative contemporary visual arts practice in Kenya. Its artists’ studios, library, programme of exhibitions, artists’ talks, training & mentoring, education and international exchange, aims to provide opportunities for artists to develop new and experimental contemporary artwork within a context of current practice.

Trust me, your readers do not want to read your about page seven times to piece it all together. Tough vocabulary is very uncool on the About page. Its too grey.

And some will be short but pointless such as this one.

My suggestion…

If you want to have a captivating About page, keep it simple.

You need to know exactly how you want to put out your message. Your about page is like that little section at the back part of a book’s cover. It sums it up for everyone. It’s your business card. Its your mission statement. How crucial is that? Yet so many take it for granted and whine about why people don’t read their blog. The reason my first blog failed was because I did not critically look into this fine detail. Ergo I did not streamline my blog to communicate something specific. It taught me a lot and I have used what I learnt to my advantage with new blogs.

There are a number of ways to handle an about page

If you are lazy, you can simply write two paragraphs. One can be about you. The other can be about your message.

For instance if your all about freelance photography this could be your about page

I’m Jack. I have loved photography ever since I first put my hands on a camera. I love it more when I put my hands on a high quality camera.Its become my life now in more ways than I had expected it would. It gets me to travel to different countries every year, meet new people everyday, try new experiences and of course make some awesome cash. Now I live everyday looking at the world and hoping to capture it in my perspective.
I didn’t get taught how to shoot photos by anyone in particular. I just fished for online resources and spent a little money on a good camera. You’re probably like me now either starting out or already on the journey of trying to teach yourself photography. You want to take the self taught photographer’s path and you don’t know how exactly. I’m here to take your hand and show you how to make million dollar pics (or maybe hundred at first). It what’s I love so join me as we explore freelance photography. You can start here

It is

A – Simple

B- Personal

C- Exact

D- Leading you to the next page you should go to.

Or maybe you can be lazier but a little more creative and do a video for it.

This can be a simple in-your-bedroom shoot with your face in the middle of the whole video. Or it can be edited to include some bit of film art with different locations and effects. This will obviously take a lot more work but can do wonders for your traffic especially of it goes up on youtube.

Generally, there’s a more personal touch with videos. And readers love it when you get personal.

Instead of video’s you can try pictures with captions. Pictures are worth a thousand words expect they can be consumed in milliseconds. This will be a chance to bring out your creative flair too.

Whatever you do don’t ruin your blog with a lame About page.


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