Blogging is business on steroids


I remember reading a book on marketing that had the statement “Business is life on steroids”. It was the truest statement I had heard in a long time.

In business, objectives are clear. Stakes are high. Resources are scarce and opportunities are there for the open minded. The main goal of any business is usually to make profit. You make a product, have it in the market, give it some competitive advantage by promoting it and then you can make sales. When the cycle repeats itself successfully you will have some growth in the business. At the beginning of it all, you and your partners will have a meeting and decide what the goal of the firm is. Its pretty obvious what the goal is (to make profit) but you want something beyond that. It’s a backward way of approaching things because inevitably, the other non-commercial goal often takes a back seat when it is deemed to be “unprofitable”.

Blogging is business on steroids. Putting up a blog for your business is a very inexpensive way of communicating the other goal of your business. It is something that the corporate world is lowly taking interest in globally. You have the firm’s site which serves as an online advertising and communication portal and then you have a blog page in it that is supposed to be a daily diary from the firm. The truth is that maintaining the blog is much harder than maintaining the site itself.

A blog is a memoir of your non-materialistic goals. When you start one you have a mission in mind to introduce some idea, philosophy or general perspective that you will share with others. The idea is to share. Not to sell – well at least  not in the commercial sense of the word. So how do you share something freely and use it to buy people’s attention? That’s the tough part.

If you have a firm that deals with kids toys, the non commercial objective could be to help kids grow in a happy environment that allows them to learn quickly. It is your blog’s job to express this objective in as many ways possible. This way it keeps you responsible and in line your objectives. Its easy to sell toys without meeting this very objective. Once the money cashes in, anything goes. Even violent video games will go on promos. A blog can stop this.

When a hobbyist or professional blogger chooses to blog, he probably doesn’t have some firm he wants to link to the blog yet. Because of this blogging can be a much harder task for him than running a business. Sure, it easier to sit and write than to be up and down chasing deals, shipments and clients. But the thoughts that have to go into a blog are much harder to assemble than those that go into selling a product. With blogging

  • Your product is your blog posts
  • Your market is your readers
  • Your marketing channels are search engines and other sites
  • Your revenue is traffic
  • Your profit is your comments (and hopefully later on real money)

So its much tougher to handle a blog. The only difference is that your product quality is on constant surveillance. Your market is extremely volatile to the content’s standards. One poorly done post can cost you a big chunk of your traffic. When your passion for the topic waivers, it shows.

Again, with a business, you only need to sell the same product or small set of products over and over again. With a blog, a new products are created every single time you blog. The more products you make the more your traffic. Because of this, creativity is demanded in three ways. With most businesses, creativity is one dimensional.


One thought on “Blogging is business on steroids

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    new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and
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