Getting things done is not how to stay focused


What do you understand by the phrase getting things done?

The concept has often been sold as the general solution on how to stay focused. The more you get done, the more you will be committed to the cause. 30 years of being a tired dentist attending to 30 clients every day has worn many a practitioner down. They did more but got less. It became rigmarole. The obvious implication is to simply ship and not to think much about the shipment. It does not matter how awesomely you shipped or how much thought you put into your final package, you just wanted it away and done with.

The central notion is that you need to get rid of something that’s a nuisance to you. In other words you hate what you have to do. Then it begs the question, why are you doing it in the first place? That’s the precise mentality that takes any project downhill. Its the classic case of quantity vs quality, efficiency vs effect.

The subject matter.

People lay too much emphasis on figuring out how to stay focused on ticking off the task list instead of generating a good product. Time is always of the essence. The argument is usually that there isn’t enough time to focus on quality. It should however be the other way around. The time you have spent on it will be much better spent enjoying the process of working on something. Shipping the end product becomes more valuable this way.

Beating deadlines

Beating deadlines

Yet unfortunately, there are so many scenarios we encounter where we fail because we did not put our passion into something. We were too intent on beating deadlines. At the end, we realize it wasn’t worth it because we aren’t too proud of what we have created.

Becoming passionate about what you’re getting done is challenging. It requires us to change who we are and what we stand for. You can pretend to be passionate about something but there is only so much fuel you can put into such an act before you burn out. But really being passionate about something makes both the work and the result a pleasure to have. With such an attitude, work time becomes play time. And in this kind of mindset, staying focused is involuntary. You no longer need to stay focused, you want to. Imagine a situation where everything you need to do becomes something you actually wanted to do anyway. Sounds like a happy lifestyle to me.



2 thoughts on “Getting things done is not how to stay focused

  1. I can think of my own personal examples where I made a mistake of failed because I didn’t put my full passion or attention into the project–and I always greatly regret this missed opportunity. This post reminded me to start this Monday with giving every client my all. Thank you!

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