Spreading an Idea Through a Business


The most successful businesses on the planet thrive on spreading ideas. They make a concept and morph it into reality by creating products that represent it. They say actions speak louder than words but products are a big package of action that can speak even louder when spread to wide markets. Think about every slogan you have ever heard of after a business title. For example CNN have this phrase they use – beyond borders. It exemplifies their dedication to getting hold of the news from every nook and cranny on the earth’s surface. It represents the idea that the world can be constantly updated with important happenings regardless of where they take place. American Apparel always rode on the idea that dressing should be a way to bring out the sexy in everyone. Safaricom have always had a vision to better lives even when they came up with the mobile money transfer system M-Pesa. Thus their slogan “The better option” says it all.

Companies turn ideas into businesses

The problem with a lot of people who start businesses and fail is that they start from the notion that the business is there to make them money. They start with the question which thing should they sell instead of which idea. That is the kind of thinking that triggers a series of self sabotaging thought processes. Think about it for a minute. Literally anything can make you money and lots of it at that. We are not really motivated to run good businesses because of  the money. Its very easy to make a shit product and sell it to a market segment that doesn’t know any better. This kind of attitude can easily make you a few buck but it will eventually send your customers away and in the end you will have little money coming into the business. And then the closure.

Alternatively, you could decide to make a better product but to do this you must gain interest in the product itself, how it works and how it meets people’s values. Inevitably, you find yourself drawn to having a better relationship with your product – one that is grounded on more than just pure commerciality. I always say that once a person takes interest in bettering something they become inevitable fond of that thing because it reflects who they are. The more focused you become at creating a better business and more value for people, the more passionate you are bound to become about the process.

As soon as your passion unfolds for your product, you will clearly possess a vivid picture of what message your business is sending to the world. A doll making company can send a message of love. So can a wedding cake maker. The business becomes an entity with organs, duties and character. It ceases to be a labour of focus but one of purpose. Once you know what purpose and passion you derive from the business, running it becomes a natural endeavor. The idea you are sending through your business comes first. The money comes later. Although the two are inter-related. More money can encourage building the idea further and building the idea further can spike profits up.

Ideas are seeds for business growth

One of the most popular ways that corporations all over the world fuel their profit growth strategies is by sensitizing everyone on the team about the idea being spread. Film production companies do this all the time. Ideas makes them profits. A bad movie idea is only a brewing recipe for massive losses. A Hollywood screenwriter once told me that once you write up a movie script and hand it over to some big time movie producer, you have essentially created a new company for the period in which the movie is going to be made and sold. The same thing applies to musicians.

Google have perfected this art and embodied it in the organizational culture of the firm.Working at Google feels a lot like working at home. Employees get to eat and play around at the office. This way the system becomes democratic. The organization thus works to serve the best interests of those who keep it alive everyday. The philosophy then spreads to the end product which is made with the consumer in mind. Google’s home page is the easiest search engine page to use in the world. It is also fast and relevant. It has everything a user would primarily ask for. Google offices similarly have everything an employee would ask for and with such an intimate relationship between creator and creation the firm has always been set for success each and every year.

So with business there are no two ways about it. You are either in or out. Don’t worry much about the money because that’s can only come from the consumer who wants a good idea in return for it – he wants a good story. What’s your story?


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