Why is it so hard for human beings to accept each other? Why is conflict so rampant in every nation today.?

If you look at the news headlines in today’s media houses where online or off, its all the same message. Country X is fighting with Country Y.

There is hardly a day that goes by without an incidence of politically triggered violence in the world. As we speak Israel and Egypt are facing tense relationships over Gaza. The rebels in Congo have been at war with their people since time immemorial. There is a situation in Syria that has seen over 30000 killed over an 18 month period. And the situation in Somalia never seems to improve.

But it hardly comes as a surprise when we observe the way in which we as humans interact on a normal day to day basis. Conflict is present in most of our conversations. The problem comes from an attempt to meet certain values we hold dear. In the course of our missions to serve personal interests we often realize that other people’s help is required. This is simply because as humans we have grown to accept to live within certain constraining systems that demand collective interactiveness for survival such inter-country economic transactions as opposed to having one global market with free trade. We all live and work within the same system and want the same things. Ultimately the drive to love one’s self more than the other, drives us to work against our neighbours hence disrupting the peace. It has become the modus operandi of life today and thus breaking it down demands a global paradigm shift that may take millenia of active campaigning to bring about. Government systems would have to be brought down, econimc systems re-enginereed and religions merged. A millenium would suffice.


2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. waflay

    Sometimes I ask myself where the world is diminishing into but I fail to answer this question. I don’t believe war nor fighting in order to create a peaceful solution…

  2. I am Sam

    True. Every multinational organization and superpower seems to believe in fighting fire with fire before cooling it down with water. It beats the logic of seeking peace terms.

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