Why Economic Cycles Won’t End


An economy is understood as a system of exchange where values move in a forward and backwards fashion. For instance, it can move from buyer to seller and back. The current monetary system does not accomplish this goal.

What makes a monetary economy

Essentially a monetary system cannot function without a governing body which oversees the flow of money. An association that advocates for certain selfish values can be formed by a small group of people and if it gains enough viral traction from a larger set of members it can impose the values as rules upon the remaining minority. This is what happens with the monetary system. Those who were in possession of political power decided to disseminate the idea that they have the responsibility to provide a uniform representation of value (money) straight out of the blue. The responsible body is known as the Central bank or, in the U.S, the Federal Reserve. Continue reading


Oppression generates Crime


There has been a heated debate over gun control in the United States. Homeland security is an issue that is challenging many more countries in the world too. The U.S is not alone on this. Take a look at Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya. We live in a system that perpetuates crime. In the long run, it is the reaction of people towards the judicial system that determines their resolve to improve or worsen the situation.


Oppression eventually leads to crime. Oppression in this case is a word I use to represent the subjection of conflicting values upon another human being. A critical assessment by the affected victim of any experience he is subjected to via other people will inevitably lead to a conclusion that either results in crime or a productive coexistence with his environment.


It will surprise you that the most developed nations of the world happen to report the highest crime rates in the world. These are countries with advanced economies and technologies. The poverty levels in these countries are very low. Most people live on a comfortable household income that allows them to pursue secondary motivations. So the real question is what exactly precipitates such high crime rates? Continue reading