Why Give?


A lot of us grapple with the question of “How can we make something of value for the world?”

This usually stems from the question, “How do I get rich?”

Indeed, that is pretty much the formula. Coke makes money because they quench the thirst of millions of people around the world. Toyota makes money because need to make travelling easier. Safaricom makes money because people want to talk to each other even if they aren’t in the same room or building.

But in a world full of products you must find yourself thinking, “Hasn’t it all been done already?” Yes, it probably has. You easily wind selling almost the same thing as a dozen other companies. And most of the time, the general approach to business ideas become a competition elimination affair. How can we draw customers of this one similar product away from business A and have them move to business Me? But you also find that with all these competitive products and saturated markets we still have many problems in the world. Many people continue to suffer because they lack things we ourselves might have taken for granted.

So if you are still looking for the answer to “How can we make something of value for the world?” the answer is right there. Make something for those that are suffering. It’s a sacrifice and many a times, a tall order. But in the larger scheme of things, it can open up doors for accomplishing everything else you thought would basically never come to fruition. It connects your to givers and once you are in the company of givers it’s never that difficult to find yourself receiving as well.


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