Global Wealth gaps: Who owns the World


We are living in a world that is experiencing a huge division in terms of wealth. Billions of people die of hunger each day while billionaires make more billions each year. In any nation we have a government and an economy. Economies give the citizens of the country their daily bread. The government takes a bite of that bread while ensuring they butter the system that leads it to you. That system will include public schools, public transportation, public communication utilities and civil laws that protect workers to name a few.  Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if some of the wealthiest corporations in the world came together to fund the infrastructure of a newly discovered island in order to create an entirely new market from it? It wouldn’t be that hard to get people from other countries to move to the island if they were promised jobs and good social living standards. But it wouldn’t change a thing in terms of personal wealth and inequality. The rich will still remain greedy and comfortable while the poor suffer fear and hunger. Continue reading