The Two Step Process of Art


When Christopher Nolan came up with the idea of a remake for Batman, every0one was anticipating a flop. He proved them all by making an elegant blockbuster. What he made was a work of art. In art, what matter si your perspective of the universe. Everything else is sheer politics. The sexier your view, the more attractive your art becomes. It really doesn’t matter if the idea has been there before – there’s always room for version 2.0.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is the new title for Batman movies

There are two parts to making a work of art. There is the draft and there is the final edit. Each is just as important as the other.

The draft is where your artistic genius shines through. A draft is an open space to let your mind gravitate and become unhinged from whatever this world expects of you. At this level, you have an ahaa! moment that transforms into a remarkable idea. That idea could be a painting, a sketch, a novel, a movie, a sculpture, a music album or generally just some brand. Your duty at the draft stage is to freely doodle your idea to map out your perspective of things. Your emotions could guide them. Or it could even be an observation of something interesting that turns into an artistic interpretation. If you open your mind to the possibilities, your artistic self can produce amazing things in the name of art. So it is very important that you do not inhibit it. The draft stage is the only chance to let inspiration run free and take control. The task of saying what works and what doesn’t comes in the second stage – The edit.

At the editing stage, you finally succumb to a sober mind. It is with this sober mind that you look back at what madness you have spilled forth and ask yourself “Do I like it?” If you do then it is quite possible that a thousand other people will too. If you don’t then there is no need to worry. At this editing stage you can also find bouts of inspiration to further improve the draft. A statement here and there can be substituted by a metaphor in your new film script. You can easily add colours to a painting and more tracks to a song. Editing provides a chance to feed off the inspiration blooming from your own work. And you don’t have to just edit once. The more times you go over your piece the more gaps for improvement you will see.


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